A Message from SE’s 2022 Youth Representative

December 01, 2022

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Youth Tour is a program where electric cooperatives around the country—like Salem Electric—select a youth delegate to send to Washington D.C. This last year I had the privilege of being that delegate. On this trip, not only did I see important museums, monuments, and members of Congress, but I got to spend time with wonderful peers from across the nation who came from all walks of life. The combination of history and diverse people changed my perspectives, but most importantly it was loads of fun. I would absolutely recommend this trip to any junior or senior who is interested in learning. Overall, this trip was a 9/10 only because we did so much in such a short period that we couldn’t give all of our stops the time some of them warranted.                                          By Isaac McDonald  

students in Washington D.C.
Isaac McDonald (far left)