Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy Efficiency Programs & Incentives 

Salem Electric supports energy efficiency by providing incentives for members to save energy, reduce their electric bills, and help the environment. 

Appliance Incentives
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Appliance Incentives

Switch to ENERGY STAR appliances and save. Members installing qualifying clothes dryers and clothes washers installed within Salem Electric’s service area will receive a $40 incentive per appliance. Qualifying appliances must be ENERGY STAR rated.  Heat pump water heaters qualify for a $600 incentive that may not exceed 50% of the water heater cost.

When shopping for your new appliance look for the ENERGY STAR logo on the yellow Energy Guide label to help you compare energy efficiency. Visit for more information.

Incentive Instructions 

Webform Option 

Complete the Appliance Incentive Request webform and attach an image of your receipt.

PDF Option 

1. Complete an Appliance Incentive Request form located on our Documents page.

2. Mail the completed form and a copy of your receipt to PO Box 5588, Salem, OR, 97304, deliver to our office, or email to

Incentive forms are also available by contacting the Member Services Department at 503-362-3601.



Commercial and Industrial Projects

Existing commercial buildings, new commercial construction, and major remodels may be eligible for incentives. All projects must be approved in advance and meet program guidelines. To learn more about the program and available incentives contact the Member Services Department at 503-362-3601.

EV Charger Incentive
electric car

Electric Vehicle Charger Incentive

A $500 incentive is available for residential Salem Electric members who purchase and install a ChargePoint Home Flex (level 2) EV charger. Learn More

Heat Pump

Heat Pump Program

Incentives are available for residential members who install high-efficiency air source or ductless heat pumps. Heat pumps operate by moving heat from one place to another rather than generating heat, which makes them more energy-efficient. With energy efficiency up to three times that of electric forced-air and zonal heating systems, heat pumps can be a real money saver.

Air Source Heat Pumps  

Available Incentives

  • $500 for new homes (must apply for incentive within 12 months)
  • $1,000 for existing homes, without a previously installed heat pump, with any existing heating fuel source
  • $500 for existing homes that are upgrading their air source heat pump

Ductless Heat Pumps  

Available Incentives

  • $750 for homes with existing electric heat (zonal or forced air)
  • $750 for multi-family housing
  • $500 for homes with existing heat pumps, manufactured homes, or non-electrically heated homes
  • $750  for new single or multi-family homes

To qualify for an incentive, both air source and ductless heat pumps manufactured after January 1, 2023 must have a Heating Season Performance Factor, HSPF2 of 7.6 or greater. 

Contact Member Services at 503-362-3601 to schedule a home energy analysis. 

Heat Pump Contractor List

Smart Thermostat Incentive

Smart Thermostat Incentive

Salem Electric offers a $100 homeowner installation incentive or a $125 professional installation incentive for qualifying thermostats. Thermostats must be listed on BPA’s Smart Thermostat Qualified Products List and installed in a residence within Salem Electric’s service area. To qualify, the residence must be heated by an electric furnace or heat pump system, have occupancy detection set to on, and be programmed to control the heating system. Members may request up to two incentives. Incentives are subject to available funding and will be credited to the member's Salem Electric account.

Setting Your Thermostat for Comfort and Savings

Incentive Instructions 

Webform Option 

Complete the Thermostat Incentive Request webform and attach an image of your receipt.

PDF Option 

1. Complete a Thermostat Incentive Request form located on our Documents page.

2. Email the completed form and a copy of your receipt to, deliver to our office, or mail to PO Box 5588, Salem, OR, 97304.

Incentive forms are also available by contacting the Member Services Department at 503-362-3601.


Manufacturer Model
ecobee ecobee 3, ecobee 4, ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control (ecobee 5), Smart Thermostat Enhanced, Smart Thermostat Premium (ecobee 6) Note: ecobee Lite does not qualify
Nest Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Thermostat, Nest Thermostat E
Honeywell (resido) T9 Smart Thermostat, T10 Pro Smart Thermostat


Salem Electric offers incentives for qualifying solar systems that are net metered, have a nameplate capacity of 25kW or less, and comply with SE’s Net Metering Policy. If solar is the right fit for your home, we're here to help.


Step 1: Contact Member Services to let us know you’re interested in solar. We can answer questions you may have and provide you with the information you need to proceed.

solar panel on house
  • In order to qualify for our incentive and net-metering agreement, we require members obtain at least two bids.
  • Systems must meet Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) requirements including being UL listed and rated for connection to SE’s system. Installers must be ODOE-certified.
  • Our engineering team must review and approve the project prior to installation.
  • We can provide a usage and billing report for contractors to size the system appropriately. 

Step 2: Before entering into a contract, we encourage members use the WattPlan calculator that is available through the Energy Trust of Oregon. It can help you decide if solar is right for you. Discover your solar potential based on your rooftop characteristics, electricity use, electricity rates, and available tax credits and cash incentives. 

Step 3: Please visit the Oregon Department of Energy for the list of approved solar contractors in Oregon. When selecting a contractor be mindful of online feedback as well as Better Business Bureau reviews. Make sure to review cancellation policies since some contractors may charge additional fees. 


  • Residential and general service members receive a $300 incentive per kW installed
  • Incentives cannot exceed 50% of the total project and depend on the availability of funds
  • The maximum incentive is $1,500

For information about federal tax incentives, please visit the Homeowner’s Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics 

Net-metered systems have a monthly true-up. Any overgeneration will be purchased back at the current avoided cost rate (subject to annual rate review/change). 

Solar Installation Diagram



Salem Electric offers incentives for weatherizing your electrically heated home. Our SE energy analyst can help you decide which improvements will be the most cost-effective. We offer incentives for the following energy efficient measures:

  • Air Sealing 
  • Ceiling Insulation (R-49) 
  • Duct Insulation (R-11)
  • Duct Sealing 
  • Floor Insulation (R-30 or fill cavity)
  • Replacement Patio Doors (.32 U-value) 
  • Replacement Windows (.30 U-value) 
  • Wall Insulation (R-13)

Qualified low-income members who have permanently-installed electric heat may qualify for FREE weatherization.

Weatherization Contractor List